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Stream 2: Dial Before You Dig

An Increasing Concern: Third-Party Interference Damage on Buried Pipelines – An European Case Study

Wednesday, 1:00 PM, Damage Prevention Theater

Jean Rouvière, Business Development Manager, OVERPIPE

Encroachments on buried HP Gas pipelines represent 50% of accidents on pipelines worldwide. Third-party strike potential dramatically increases in urban environments and where third-party crossings occur.

APA Way to Stop Damage to Its Assets

Tuesday, 10:00 AM, Damage Prevention Theater

Lachlan MarshallLand Management Agent, APA Group 

Damage Prevention is more than just the DBYD Service. What is APA doing differently with its DBYD process and is it successful with limiting damage to its assets? What are the tools APA uses to further enhance the Damage Prevention message?

DBYD’s Best Public Awareness Programs: Promoting Safe Excavation in Australia

Thursday, 10:00 AM, Damage Prevention Theater

Moderated by Graeme Allan, Operations Manager, Dial Before You Dig

  • Joe Fiala, Manager Strategic Relations, Dial Before You Dig
  • Nigel March,  SA/NT State Manager, Dial Before You Dig
  • Paul Newman, General Manager, Dial Before You Dig
  • Dominic Puiu, General Manager, Dial Before You Dig NSW/ACT Inc.
  • Justin Scotchbrook, State Manager, Dial Before You Dig WA

Ensuring Australians excavate safely is a daily priority for the Dial Before You Dig team. A panel of Dial Before Dig Managers will talk about the key efforts in this area – promoting the safe excavation message, local educational activities, the sharing of industry information, best practices and working alongside asset owners and other stakeholders. This session will cover many ways in which industry can be more active in excavation safety.

Essential First Step in Enhanced Tree Protection for Local Government

Wednesday, 2:10 PM, Damage Prevention Theater

Joe Fiala, Manager Strategic Relations, Dial Before You Dig

Dial Before You Dig is a national community service that connects people involved in any type of excavation with asset owners in that area, using a fast and effective referral system. Do you know who is excavating near your tree assets? Are you taking all precautions to minimise damage and protect your trees from works?

IDR/SA Water Case Study

Tuesday, 11:00 AM, Damage Prevention Theater

Jim Carlson-Jones, Manager of Spatial Engineering, SA Water

Description Not Available

Melbourne University Research Project

Tuesday, 1:00 PM, Damage Prevention Theater

Professor Danny Samson, Program Director, Masters of Enterprise and of Supply Chain Management, University of Melbourne
Dr. Niharika Garud, Lecturer & Research Fellow at Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Melbourne

Using extensive literature review, we propose a model on service quality improvements for the future of DBYD services in Australia. We discuss the perceived facilitators and hindrances to the service and we develop a testable model for understanding how different aspects of information provided by DBYD to their consumers are evaluated. We conducted a large survey of DBYD stakeholders recently, in which they were asked to value the various parameters of information provided to them, in order to avoid damage. We used a ‘willingness to pay’ concept, associated with factors such as timeliness of response, quality and accuracy. Findings show that these dimensions are indeed valued by many, and variously so across these dimensions of DBYD information.

One Call from Around the World: How do We Compare?

Wednesday, 10:00 AM, Damage Prevention Theater

Moderated by Duane Rodgers, CEO, PelicanCorp

Panelists include:

  • Richard Broome, Managing Director, LinesearchbeforeUdig Limited – LSBUD
  • Stuart Burdack, CEO, Dial Before You Dig
  • Mike Sullivan, President, Canadian Common Ground Alliance

International recap on how the One Call offerings across ANZ compare to rest of world. Suggested that we need a body created for an ‘International Damage Reporting Committee – IDRC’ to conduct a Global Damage Report – increasing the standardisation of International One Calls and what they offer to the Damage Prevention industry as a whole.

Successful Facilitation of Communication between Damage Prevention Stakeholders

Wednesday, 11:00 AM, Damage Prevention Theater

Andrew Healy, Business Development Manager, PelicanCorp
Duane Rodgers, CEO, PelicanCorp

What status do One Calls play in facilitating conversations and meetings between various stakeholder groups? Who should be included in discussions in shifting and understanding industry challenges. Should Locators, Constructors, Utilities and Municipalities work together?. What role does the One Call play, what is this forum? and how do we control the voices from the Industry.

Tracking Damages: North America vs Australia – How Can We Improve

Tuesday, 2:10 PM, Damage Prevention Theater

Moderated by Stuart Burdack, CEO, Dial Before You Dig

Panelists include:

  • Graeme Allan, Operations Manager, Dial Before You Dig
  • Aaron Smith, Community Safety Manager, Energy Queensland
  • Mike Sullivan, President, Canadian Common Ground Alliance
  • Jemmie Wang, Partner, BizMetrix, LLC

In order to reduce damages and prevent injuries, you need to track the root cause and then build action plans to reduce these root causes. This session covers the US and Canadian DIRT reporting and Australia’s Program, IDRS. An international panel discusses the importance of collecting damage and injury prevention data and the benefits of analysing this information to reduce injury and damage to vital infrastructure and the communities that rely on this infrastructure. The panel also discusses what is working internationally and how Australian infrastructure companies can benefit from this international experience.